Wishaw General Hospital

50 Netherton Street, ML2 0DP Wishaw
Phone 1

Wishaw General Hospital is an NHS-funded establishment with approximately 635 beds in which sick or injured persons are provided with a variety of medical or surgical treatment as well as nursing care.You can contact Wishaw General Hospital by telefone using the number 01698361100. It is located at 50 Netherton Street in ML2 0DP, Wishaw. Lanarkshire oversees the funding and operations of Wishaw General Hospital. In this hospital, the following joint specialist consultants are located:

  • Khalld Ayoub
  • HJ Easter
  • Stefan Ehrendorfer
  • M. M. El-Hadidi
  • Ravindra W. Kulkani
  • Elizabeth Murphy
  • M. Strauss

The diagnosis, treatment and care of diseases of the human musculoskeletal system is the specialisation of the Orthopaedic Surgeon .

Primarily, they deal with conditions that have affected muscles, bones, joints and nerves.Such conditions include tumours and fractures, osteoarthritis.This is one of the newest specialisations in surgery, and is one that is key to the treatment of patients who have suffered unfortunate traumas. Orthopaedic surgeons might work in hospitals or trauma clinics, but the treatment is the same.

An orthopaedic surgeon would typically conduct the following activities: Collate, analyse and update patient records to ensure they recommended the best treatment and care. Discuss operative and non-operative treatment techniques with patients to make sure they are okay to proceed with treatment. Carry out different tests such as physical examinations, x-rays and MRI scans to diagnose the extent of patient injuries. Book operation theatres. Carry out surgery that deals with bones, muscles and tendons sometimes under stressful conditions, in which the correct decisions need to be made quickly.

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