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We and your doctor appreciate your review! Your feedback helps others to find the right doctor.

Your review is of course protected by the right to freedom of expression, although we ask that you follow these simple rules:

  • Write only from your own experience, not from those of friends, relatives or colleagues.
  • Please present only factual, fair and understandable criticism and comments.
  • Use phrases such as “I felt in good hands at doctor XY”. In this way, establish the reviews that you have given to the individual criteria.
  • If your opinion is in any way defamatory or false, the entire rating will be removed.
  • If you make statements of fact (like, for example: “The doctor was completely unorganised” or “I was treated wrong”), you will need to prove this statement. Statements of fact that cannot withstand scrutiny will be promptly removed.
  • Please write only your review to the relevant doctor you are reviewing. If you want to review yet another doctor, it must be done on the directory listing of that doctor.
  • Advertising for and the naming of other physicians or the placing of links are not permitted.
  • If you accurately formulate your criticism both the doctor and other patients will benefit. Cover points such as: What was good? What from your point of view could the doctor and practice still improve on? Did you have to wait a long time for your appointment? Did you feel that all your questions were properly addressed? Be accurate and specific: for example, write “I had an appointment at 9:00 and had to wait for half an hour”, rather than “I had to wait long time.”
  • Only if you have visited the doctor, you can rate the experience. If you have had problems with the appointment and then have not visited the doctor, we won’t be able to publish your comments/rating.
  • If the evaluation describes a doctor without a profile, we cannot accept it.
  • Please only rate the doctor if you were the patient yourself. Of course, you can assess your child’s treatment or the treatment of an otherwise dependent person. To do this you must have been present during the treatment and examination.
  • Reviews not written in English will be approved only in exceptional cases.

For legal reasons we reserve the right to delete critical passages which violate the rights of the assessed person or practice, wholly or in part and if necessary adjust, so that it is not insulting, while informative content can be preserved. This may happen if the doctor doubts the rating.

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